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Do you want to feel what it’s like to fly our fleet of aircraft? Start today!
Air Plan Aviation offers modern training aircraft, with the highest possible safety standards. Plan your aviation future and learn to fly with the best aviators by your side!

Single Engine Aircraft

Cessna 172 180hp  /  SX-AEP

C172 180hp Reg: SX-AEP

The classic Cessna 172 is a four-seater aircraft certified for instrument flight.
Great for travel or training, its proven design has made it the most-flown aircraft ever; more 172’s have been built than any other aircraft. Its unique flight characteristics will also help you in your familiarisation stage

Cessna 172  /  SX-AKP & PH-EHN

C172 Reg:SX-AKP & PH-EHN

Cessna 172 is a popular airplane due to the simplicity of its design – 43,000 have taken to the skies since it was introduced in 1955! Student pilots can rest easy knowing they’re flying an airplane that has already trained hundreds of thousands of pilots around the world.

Piper Cub / SX-BSP

Piper Cub Reg:SX-BSP

Learn to fly a taildragger! Air Plan Aviation is your choice for expert tailwheel instruction. Learn the skills necessary to competently fly a tailwheel aircraft with the Piper Cub.

Multi Engine Aircraft

Tecnam P2006T / G-CKTR

Tecnam P2006T Reg:G-CKTR

Flexible, economical light twin.

The Tecnam P2006T Twin has established itself as the aircraft of choice for not only the world’s most reputable Flight Training Organisations but private owners alike. This multi engine airplane boasts modern design with advanced aerodynamics offering student pilots the best glass cockpit training similar to big planes.

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