The Aim of the Course:

This Airbus A320 Type Rating Training course, as defined in the A320 Family OSD §4.1-4.4, is designed to provide the Trainee with adequate knowledge and skills to operate safely in accordance with approved flight procedures, airplane operating limitations, standardized operating procedures, emergency procedures and the crew cooperation concept.

The programme is designed to fulfil the Part-FCL requirements for Multi crew co-operation in Multi-pilot environment (MPA) and Type Rating Training for Pilots. It also fulfils the contents of the Airbus A320 OSD Flight Crew document as well as the Training Areas of Special Emphasis (TASE) in OSD §7.3.2 which are applicable to baseline A320 variants.

Pre-Entry Requirements

(Part FCL.720.A (d)) (OSD §7.1.1)

An applicant for the first type rating course for a multi-pilot aeroplane shall be a student pilot currently undergoing training on an MPL training course, or comply with the following requirements:

  • have at least 70 hours of flight experience as PIC on aeroplanes;
  • hold a multi-engine IR(A);
  • have passed the ATPL(A) theoretical knowledge examinations in accordance Part-FCL; and
  • except when the type rating course is combined with an MCC course:
    • hold a certificate of satisfactory completion of an MCC course in aeroplanes; or
    • hold a certificate of satisfactory completion of MCC in helicopters and have more than 100 hours of flight experience as a pilot on multi-pilot helicopters; or
    • have at least 500 hours as a pilot on multi-pilot helicopters; or
    • have at least 500 hours as a pilot in multi-pilot operations on single-pilot multi- engine aeroplanes,

in commercial air transport in accordance with the applicable air operations requirements.

Training Syllabi

The course consists of :

  • Type Rating Theoretical Knowledge Instruction Syllabus (10 days, 70 hours)
  • Type Rating SImulator Training (32 hours)

In addition, MCC, Jet Orientation Training and Cockpit Procedures can be implemented in your Type Rating Course. Variable rates apply.

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The aim of the course: The aim of the TRI(A) training course is to train aeroplane licence holders to the level of competence defined in

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