Airline Preparation

Air Plan Aviation has developed a series of exercises and training sessions with aviation oriented labor psychologists and experts with which student pilots are being prepared and evaluated in terms of soft skills, social and communication attributes and other qualities necessary for standing out in a future airline interview.

The course is also in accordance with the Appendix to Annex I to ED Decision 2018/001/R regarding Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes (KSA). Area 100 KSA learning objectives are grouped by the appropriate ICAO core competencies with the extra addition of knowledge. These are not yet mandatory to be examined, however Air Plan Aviation will assess a student’s ability in each area of KSA 100 before and after the formal examinations in order to track development. All feedback is communicated to the candidate for further discussion.

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Cabin Crew Training

Training Plan Air Plan Aviation Cabin Crew Training Organisation (EL.CCTO.129) has developed the Initial Cabin Crew Training Course for applicants wishing to become Cabin crew

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