Drone Training – UAS Class A,B,C

The UAV industry has experienced a boom in the last couple of years as drones have become essential business tools in many industries. If you are considering a career as a UAV licensed pilot, Air Plan EL-UAS-TC 16  is the training provider you are looking for.

Entry Requirements

  • To be at least 18 years old
  • Valid ID or Passport
  • Valid Health Certificate, of an equivalent level to an air traffic controller (Class 3 Medical Certificate) in the “Specific” and “Certified” Category.
  • Very good knowledge of Greek language equivalent to high school graduate level. (HCAA Exams will be taken in Greek)
  • Good knowledge of English language at level ICAO 4 or higher, for flights of UAS “specific” and “certified” categories

Training Syllabus

Theoretical knowledge

Theoretical knowledge training that meets the requirements of HCAA and covers topics of the General framework for flights of Unmanned Aircraft Systems – UAS, provided by well experienced Instructors.
Total of 50 Hours / 7 Training Days.
  • Air Law-Regulations related to UAS 5 hrs
  • Air Traffic Management 5  hrs
  • Meteorology 5  hrs
  • Navigation 8  hrs
  • Human Factors 8  hrs
  • Principles of Flight 6  hrs
  • Communications 6  hrs
  • UAS Technical Knoweledge 7  hrs

Practical Training (Actual Drone Flight and Simulator)

Air Plan provides Simulator and Practical Training according to the required category A,B,C.
  • UAS PILOT A Up to 1kg 3 hours
  • UAS PILOT B  Up to 1-4kg 7 hours
  • UAS PILOT C Up to 4-25kg 12 hours


In addition to the study material provided to the students, 6 months of free access to Ε-learning through airplan.e-athena.gr is granted. This way the trainees are able to prepare themselves for the final exams at the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority.

English Language Assessment (ICAO Level 4-6)

For those UAS pilots that already hold the open category license and they want to extend it (Specific Category) Air Plan being an English Language Assessment Body (Proficiency Test Center) EL-LAB-029 approved by HCAA/EASA is capable of providing this service with Testing capability up to ΙCAO LEVEL 6.


Written exams / Skill test

After a successful completion of the course, a Certificate of Theoretical/ Practical Training Completion will be provided, which meets the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority’s Standards (HCAA/ΥΠΑ).

For the issuance of the Pilot License from HCAA, written exams (Air Plan has been approved as an Examination Center for it’s students) and a skill test (Flight assessment) is furthermore required.

More Courses Available:

  1. Drone Photography – Videography
  2. Safety & Security UAS Training
  3. Dual Remote Operations
  4. Night Flying
  5. Train the Trainer

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