The aim of the course:

The aim of the PPL (A) course is to train the student pilot to act as PIC under Visual Flight Rules as specified in Part-FCL, Part-MED and other relevant EASA regulation.

Pre-entry requirements

An applicant for PPL (A) shall be at least 17 years of age, and shall hold a valid Class 2 medical certificate.

Training Syllabi

The course shall comprise:
  • Theoretical knowledge instruction to the PPL (A) knowledge level;
  • Flight Training.

Theoretical Knowledge instruction

PPL (A) theoretical knowledge course will comprise nine (9) theoretical subjects, 100 hours of instruction (1 hour = 60 minutes instruction), Four (4) Subjects are common and classes can be combined with PPL(H). These subjects are:
  • Air law,
  • Human performance,
  • Meteorology, and
  • Communications.
Specific subject for PPL (A) are:
  • Principles of flight,
  • Operational procedures,
  • Flight performance and planning,
  • Aircraft general knowledge, and
  • Navigation.

Flight Training

The flying training shall comprise a total of at least 45 hours, flying tests not included. Within the total of 45 hours, applicants shall complete : At least 25 hours of dual instruction At least 10 hours of supervised solo flight time, including at least 5 hours of solo cross-country flight time with at least one cross-country flight of at least 270 km (150 NM), during which full stop landings at two aerodromes different from the aerodrome of departure shall be made

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