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About Us

AirPlan Aviation
is a European standard flight school in Greece.

AirPlan Aviation is a European standard, flight school ( EL-ATO-129 ) approved by HCAA, established in Greece by aviators who are born to fly.

Making the decision to become a pilot is an exciting move. We know how important is to fulfil your passion and that’s because we’ve been there before.

Backed by over 20 years of aviation excellence and our professional industry reputation, AirPlan Aviation is a powerful force in the future of aviation training.

Our admissions experts are here to help guide you each step of the way.

Today AirPlan Aviation offers various Airplane pilot Training, Helicopter pilot Training and many more aviation training solutions.

If you want to know more about us, need any help or advice, please feel free to contact us.

Mission, Vision and Values


Our instructors have been chosen amongst the most experienced and distinguished professionals in their area of expertise


The graduates are equipped with the highest-standard theoretical and operational knowledge who are quickly absorbed in the most demanding aviation industry


The offices and the classrooms are designed to meet the standards of the training along with being a warm environment


We have chosen the best suppliers in the competitive market to assist us in your training journey

Cooperations and expanding of buildings

AirPlan Aviation is expanding its business in order to better respond to the high demand.

  • New cooperations are established
  • More offices and classrooms are added
  • The means for implementing the training are further streamlined
Distance Learning

Completely Distance Learning

If required, Air Plan Aviation is able to provide Distance Learning to students whose physical appearance in the classroom is not possible for specific /special circumstances. A distance learning program can be completely (remote) distance

Combination Distance-Classroom

A combination of distance teaching and traditional classroom instruction is also available
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  • English Language Proficiency (ELP)

    Air Plan Aviation is an Aviation English LAB. (EL.LAB.029) It provides aviators and air traffic controllers with the full spectrum of language proficiency training and preparation for the language ...
  • Drone Training – Open Categories A1 A2 A3

    Drone Training Available courses About the course The UAV industry has experienced a boom in the last couple of years as drones have become essential business tools in many industries. I...
  • Airline Preparation

    Air Plan Aviation has developed a series of exercises and training sessions with aviation oriented labor psychologists and experts with which student pilots are being prepared and evaluated in term...
  • Hour Building Package

    Whether you are a PPL holder and looking to build up your flight experience towards your CPL or you just want to explore the Greek skies with one of our well maintained aircraft, we got you covered...

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