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Fairchild Swearingen Metroliner SA226/227

Accredited by the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority and in full compliance with EASA regulations.
We offer a Fairchild Swearingen Metroliner SA226/227 Type Rating Training Aircraft Pilots. This program is internationally recognized upon completion, with licenses accepted by all European and International Airline Operators.

Our team

Our team of instructors is composed of currently flying SA 226/227 pilots, each bringing a wealth of experience in both flying and instructing. Rest assured, our courses are meticulously crafted in line with EASA Regulations.

Training is split between theoretical instruction at our Athens base and hands-on flight training using Metroliner III SA226/227.

Created by legendary aircraft designer Ed Swearingen

The Fairchild Metro was developed as a stretched version of Swearingen’s Merlin II corporate turboprop and designed specifically to serve the regional airline market. Since its introduction, approximately 600 Metros have been built, making the Metro and its derivatives the most popular regional aircraft in the industry.

The Fairchild Metro III, similar to the Metro II, has proven to be safe, reliable and efficient commuter aircraft. It is a pressurized, turbo prop aircraft which is capable of flying above bad weather. It provides a fast, comfortable flight with great range and passenger and cargo load capabilities.

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